What are the new advantages of entrepreneurial environment in Shenzhen

different city environment is different, but also the achievements of different entrepreneurial scene, more and more people choose to venture in Shenzhen, the reason is because Shenzhen to create a business environment is excellent, with a strong entrepreneurial advantage.

11 at the beginning of the month, two sets of data in Shenzhen caused concern.

another set of data is the city’s economic situation analysis development indicators will be revealed before the three quarter, the cumulative growth rate of quarterly rise respectively 9%, 9.5%, 9.7%, the year is expected to exceed 10%, optimize the structure, both inside and outside the market, stable and healthy operation.

the first step to create competitive advantage

10 the end of the month, the Qianhai business mansion held the first promotion, to attract HSBC and other more than and 30 well-known enterprises at home and abroad. As the representative of the future of Shenzhen’s first commercial buildings, its planning and construction, it is one of the world’s largest Real Estate Company Vanke Group construction. The reason is it, take the international prevailing residence construction and service concept.

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