Mistress Xu Xin well-known venture capital sector electricity supplier bigger by five things

buy appliances on Jingdong, which has become a popular ad, and many online shopping Master is such a practice, the Jingdong’s development speed is amazing, and now as giants rely on what scale it up?

to market segments No.1

category of opportunity is very important, in the China middle class has formed, the change of income, has brought many opportunities to see the category, you can seize. The reason why Jingdong cattle, cattle in its killer instinct, that the founder can see what others can not see. Liu (Liu Qiangdong) he is the most cattle on strategic choice to do two things: first, the rapid expansion of the category, category expansion Liu is the first to do; there is a Jingdong is first built warehousing and distribution logistics, this is also the first to see the old liu.

the beginning I don’t think the Jingdong just China Amazon, but Amazon +UPS, UPS is not Chinese. We have been studying the industry first. The history of the last century, people have elongated, tracking the U.S. 25 category NO.1, see 60 years later they are still alive? Well? Data show that the 25 NO.1, 21 is the first, the remaining four is second. Once to the first category, your day will be very long, the threshold is very high, very deep moat. But it’s more important than anything else. Jingdong is the first to do warehousing logistics, expanding category.

then why I insist? Because Ding Lei is a killer of perception, he is able to see what others haven’t seen, the game persisted. We are five dollars a share in 30 dollars does not sell, then the bubble came all the way down to recommend

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