The Guangfulin cultural relics park will be built in Shanghai

in Shanghai, will open a new park in May will be 17 years, Guangfulin cultural relics park gradually go to the people, to nearby residents to provide a recreational exercise, resting place. The park put into use, the majority of the people of Shanghai will provide a new world of leisure and entertainment, so many people recognized.

get to make Shanghai a thousand years of history of the Guangfulin cultural relics park will slowly unveiled. The reporter learned from the Songjiang District, Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park East area are expected to be the first to put into operation in May 1st of this year, Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park and park Guangfulin outdoor space is expected to open in October 1st.

east area of roots in Shanghai exhibition hall after the opening, will take visitors into a journey through time and space in Shanghai. At present, the cultural exhibition center on the ground and underground areas have already been completed most of the exhibit, take shape.

park south entrance is the landmark building of Guangfulin Park — Fulin mark. The brick stone masonry towers, shaped like a large stamp, building up the viewing channel is circling. In which, visible on both sides of the wall in graphic form half hidden, tells the Guangfulin site of the mining process.

has the Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park, people’s spiritual and cultural life has been enriched, let more people out of their homes, go to the park Guangfulin cultural sites, do not feel the same cultural landscape, let more people see the standard of living rising. Fulin kilns exhibition hall has been completed, after the opening allows visitors to experience the fun.

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