You should deal with consumer complaints

does the market have to face a problem is, no matter what you do is always to do bad, there is always time to do lead consumers angry, face the problem difficult to escape and should learn how to solve is the most critical. In the restaurant, customer complaints is a very normal thing, because a restaurant’s products can not be a problem, there is no problem is not terrible, terrible is not properly handle customer complaints. The following principles must be known.

in the face of consumer complaints you should deal with

first, let the customer feel the greatest degree of attention

every customer wants attention, customer complaints, to give the customer enough attention, first with a polite way to apologize to the guest, through a fee waiver to guests a satisfactory result.

second, quickly deal with

in addition to a relatively fair result, is also very important aspects of complaint handling speed, customer problems, my expectation is certainly to deal with the problem with the fastest time, processing quickly no quarrel, otherwise it will increase the degree of customer dissatisfaction.

third, necessary compensation

not only to say good, but also to do a good job, for the guest’s dissatisfaction, in addition to the guests to pay the appropriate fee, but also can give guests some dishes, to further express the sincerity of the restaurant.

More than

of these principles is to deal with customer complaints need to grasp the three principles, according to the different circumstances of the guests, the specific problems to choose the right way to deal with!

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