Which brand good warm bath

The weather is cold winter of

, but also need to take a bath, so the Yuba technology products came in handy. Yuba is one of the most commonly used in winter bathing appliances, it can improve the bath temperature, so that it is not as cold in the shower, of course, some families will also use the warm wind Yuba, Yuba and its effect is the same. Then, the warm bath which brand is good? Here’s a look.

warm bath which brand is good? 1, Aupu warm wind Yuba

Hangzhou Aupu, founded in 1993, is a production of sanitary products electrification of listed enterprises, its product line covers Yuba, bath top fan, and many other species, with the largest, is Asia’s largest sanitary products manufacturing base.

warm bath which brand is good? 2, OPPLE warm wind Yuba

OPPLE lighting began in 1996, is a research and development, production and sales of integrated lighting enterprises. After 18 years of development, the company has more than 6 thousand employees, with headquarters in Shanghai and Zhongshan Industrial Park, Wujiang Industrial Park and other production base; the company’s products cover LED and traditional light source, lamps, electrical appliances, ceiling products etc..

warm bath which brand is good? 3, TCL lighting warm wind Yuba

TCL Lighting Appliance Co., TCL group’s lighting brand, with the traditional lighting and LED lighting two products, well-known enterprises Chinese green energy-saving lighting industry, lighting products R & D, engaged in professional production, sales, design and application of enterprise.

warm bath which brand is good? 4, the warm wind Yuba

Midea Group Limited by Share Ltd, home of the ten brands, China began in 1981, the top 500 enterprises, listed companies, world-class white household appliance manufacturers and brands, large-scale comprehensive enterprise group with home appliance manufacturing.

warm bath which brand is good? 5, Austrian warm wind Yuba

Zhejiang Aohua Electric Co. Ltd., integrated ceiling ten brand China, green building materials, ceiling Association unit, the first eco residential concept, is committed to the indoor environment control system of integrated product development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises.

warm bath which brand is good? 6, Frestech warm wind Yuba

is a set of Frestech Yuba ventilation, lighting, heating and other functions in one of the new generation of household appliances, products.

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