Jiangsu in the first half of the total investment in the country’s first

in the rapid development of economy, many investors saw the opportunity to adopt effective investment strategy, hope they can timely make a big. In the first half of 2016, the total amount of investment in Jiangsu ranks first in the country, what is the significance? What is the main direction of investment?

according to the Provincial Bureau of statistics released before the data, the first half of the year, Jiangsu completed investment in fixed assets 22452 yuan, total will ranked first in the country, an increase of 9.7%, the growth rate of the first quarter of 0.4 percentage points, 0.1 percentage points faster than 1-5 months, down 1.2 percentage points, down significantly less than the national.

The first half of

, the national investment growth showed a monthly decline trend, the eastern region investment growth steadily, not only the total investment in Jiangsu ranks first in the country, but also higher than the national growth rate continued to rise slightly, lower than that in the east.

investment has become a common phenomenon in society, the market is now more common than the main investment: finance, stocks, real estate, etc.. For each investment should be cautious, according to the market situation, effective analysis, in order to increase their profit chips.

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