What are the principles of commercial fraud

deception for the current commercial market is really an ordinary thing, of course, no one would like to be deceived, if you want to avoid, naturally also need to master a certain principle. In short, in today’s society, as a businessman, in addition to abstinence, unable to completely change the lack of integrity of the business environment. To improve their ability of anti cheating. According to Mao Zedong said, to ask why several of what things, constantly sum up experience, may see some crooks.

, light and easy. Big money business is

as the saying goes: "hard earned money, eat shit". Easy to make a lot of money can not say that the business is not, however, there is always a great risk behind the trap. The stock market is the same, are often lost out and chase sell in order to earn a lot of money in the short term group.

two, said the business letter

as if it were raining flowers

there is no perfect thing in the world, the war is not only unbeaten, do not make money without losing business. Don’t believe anything that you don’t have at all. As the saying goes, "people can not make clear". Don’t make friends with him who has no faults. If he is not a conspiracy is a "all things to all men". Where there is no risk to the business and most of them have.

three, overly enthusiastic businessmen do not touch

business like diplomacy. As the saying goes: "no foreign friend, advantage and potential". All kinds of performances of the people in the community, are for the pursuit of interests. A sincere enthusiasm is a business you must I go to entertainment, excessive enthusiasm will have too much expectation or purpose for you. Encounter this kind of object or occasion, always remind yourself why.

four, the additional benefits and benefits are not greedy

business, who began to deliberately give you some petty profits or a bit of sweetness, tend to your long line to catch a big fish. Eat a deficit in order to account for the big cheap. As the saying goes: "a small leak will sink a great ship". Those who see the benefit of small and open, not only the market can not be achieved big business, is likely to fall into the trap. If you do not sum up lessons learned, and then encounter similar things will be deceived.

five, do not see the rabbit does not spread eagle

in general, judged by his words and deeds. The other is to believe and doubt. No relationship after long-term relationship and not after the test unit holds out, the money came in two money goods, not on sale. Especially for those who take the chest, boasting and chaos of general people, more careful.


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