Sell salt summed up promotional skills

most of the time, we are easy to find, even if their own shops in the commodity price is not expensive, even sell cheaper than other places, but sales are still not optimistic. In fact, this is often because they do not grasp the relevant skills. A few days ago, I saw a supermarket opened, marked promotional posters: refined iodized salt from the sale of 5 bags, each 6.6 yuan. Look at the store, many customers queuing to buy.

this supermarket sells iodized salt, 1.32 yuan / bag, sales unpopular; my supermarket every day low price, 1.3 yuan / bag, but sales were flat.

so, I decided to put up posters outside the store, in the store to take out the best position to display, the salt pile full.

I personally.

I was selling side observation, found some simple truth.

first, the display position is very important. The bottom of the original refined iodized salt in the supermarket display ground floor area. Customers only need to buy. Now on display in the main channels of the float. This is the only way for customers to shop, it is easy to cause the customer’s impulsive consumption. A customer bought 30 bags, most customers are readily bought a bag of one or two.

second, it is important. A customer would have to buy a good commodity, there is the checkout payment, I heard the cries, came to buy two bags. A woman and child customers to buy goods in the supermarket, heard Hawking ran said: "thanks to you shout here, or I forgot to buy the salt." Some customers said, heard the call, I want to buy two bags: it is after all the necessities of life. Similar customers in the majority of middle-aged women.

third, promotional posters, word of mouth publicity is very important. An old lady said that she did not know before we sell the supermarket so cheap salt, this is to see the promotional posters come. She was a few days ago in a new supermarket panic buying a dozen bags, we didn’t think of the supermarket salt than that supermarket is cheap, we knew went to the supermarket to buy.

fourth, sales skills are very important. The staff were very admire my selling mood, because I can give customers a feeling of panic buying as soon as possible. The customer gets such a message from my cries: our supermarket is not every day special offer, but every day low price, want to buy special offer goods as early as possible. In fact, I convey the message that this is only the first two days of salt stalls reserved upstairs, we hurry to buy.

fifth, the heap, the cage should be constantly changing the new commodity. I have always assumed, the main channel of the cage to keep changing things, even every day to come up with a magic price commodity sale. Especially for our store, 4/5’s Gu

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