The 6 exhibition must pay attention to the key

to show the success of a brand in the company’s business strength, the need for sophisticated planning and effective implementation. In an exhibition to carry out franchising business promotion, the following 6 key links must be mastered.

A, the enterprise own situation assessment

in deciding whether to take the exhibition to promote franchising project, enterprises need to assess their own situation, mainly consider the following aspects:

by clear positioning, franchising project characteristics, investment object, evaluation and extension of the project is suitable for the exhibition. For example, a rural farming project or small agricultural products franchise projects, its investment object is generally rural self-employed households or farmers, it may not be suitable for the promotion of the exhibition held in the city.

According to the

Evaluation of

1. exhibition theme positioning

for franchise investment in the exhibition can be roughly divided into chartered professional exhibition, exhibition, exhibition industry investment three types. Chartered professional exhibition exhibitors intention is relatively clear, professional quality is relatively high, is the main choice of the franchise promotion exhibition type; venture investment can also be considered in the show, but because it involves a relatively wide, exhibitors are relatively dispersed; the type of Industry Exhibition (such as beauty industry exhibition, food industry exhibition and so on) also you can consider participating in the exhibition industry, the benefits of not only can attract people or organizations have some experience of the industry to join, also participating in the same recommendation

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