What are the main types of entrepreneurs

entrepreneurial force in a constantly expanding, but many entrepreneurs summed up only several important form, each kind of entrepreneurs have their own advantages and disadvantages, carry forward the advantages to overcome the shortcomings of the entrepreneurial wealth can be more easily.

second types can be called the realization of entrepreneurs. The past is in the party, government and military and administrative institutions, acquire a certain power, or when the managers gathered a large number of people during the resources in the state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, when appropriate, the opportunity to walk barefooted and the sea, company, is actually the last power and market relations will be realized, intangible resources for cash tangible currency. In the late 80s to the middle of the last century in 90s, the first category of the most realizable, and now the majority of the second types of cash. But the first cash current looked up trend, but also a considerable part by local government incentives, such as the return to the original position after some local government introduced to encourage civil servants paid sea, allowing government officials to venture failed policies, have fueled in first class realization of entrepreneurs. It is a kind of behavior that breaks the market economy environment and makes the unfair competition.

third types: active entrepreneurs. Also can be divided into two types, one is putschism entrepreneurs, is a calm entrepreneurs. Most of the former entrepreneurs are very confident and impulsive. It is said that this type of entrepreneurs, mostly at the same time is betting fans, like to buy lottery tickets, like gambling, but do not like to review the success probability. Such entrepreneurs are easy to fail, but once successful, often is a big business. Calm entrepreneurs is the essence of entrepreneurs, which is characterized by meditation, do not fight the battle unprepared, or resources, or have the technology, once the action, the probability of success is usually very high.

"scientific investment" in the investigation, also found a strange type of entrepreneurs. In addition to making money, they do not have clear goals. Is like entrepreneurship, like the feeling of being a boss. They don’t count

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