What is the development trend of food and beverage in 2016

would like to open a restaurant franchise you, do you understand the future development trend of the food and beverage industry? We know that in the premise of doing one thing we can not blindly engage in, we must first investigate clearly, the following let Xiaobian for everyone to introduce, in 2016 the development trend of food and beverage?

from the earth, will have a "eat", people have to eat. "Eat" from mushroom hair drink blood began to boil, stone, has experienced stages of development of water cooking, cooking oil; with the "upgrade to eat", "eat" is more complex, more "eat" more stress, commonness and characteristics of this is to eat; and to eat slowly the "food", until now the cooking diversified, standardized operation, operation procedures, today’s business chain.

with the rapid development of economy, people’s living standards continue to improve, people to "eat" and "eat" is more and more attention, and also to the critical point. This restaurant for contemporary people, is a new challenge, if we do not understand the situation, or want to scribble with a real problem in this reality, I am afraid of catering and catering to people than their own quiz, but the development of the times of the quiz, any person engaged in the catering industry will say "NO".

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