2012 top 10 business thinking

want to do poineering work no problem, just before the start of their own should be considered clear, everyone wants to be the richest man in the world, but only one of the richest man in the world, how to achieve that goal is how you start on 2012, 10 business, these you want to know? People say that the next United States is China, the next Gates is Ma, who is the next ma?

1, your interest: from project selection to the location, and then to the specific operation, will conduct a series of investigation and planning, and in accordance with their own ability and the actual situation, find their own interest in the project is a good choice.

2, your professional: Ma said, what do not want to do, then what can be done! Entrepreneurs are engaged in production and business activities for the community to provide a professional product or service must have adequate consumer groups or stable customer groups, must ensure that the production and management of product or service value of genuine goods at a fair price ". Allow consumers to enjoy the same social product functionality while reducing the cost of use, or allow customers to spend the same cost of use can be more advanced product features, which requires a professional spirit.

3, your positioning decision of life. First of all, the entrepreneurial mentality depends in part on their own evaluation, what you locate yourself in your heart, what you are, if not an unrealistic, or healthy mentality, will not succeed; secondly, is your enterprise positioning, product positioning and brand positioning must be accurate.

4, your model: not only profit model in the world, even the most successful business model is not necessarily suitable for you. In fact, which projects are the same can make money, just look at what people earn, what kind of way to earn it. Therefore, the search for their own business model will continue to be the premise of stable operation.

5, your strategy: a person’s pattern and pragmatic level, ultimately determines the height of development in his career. Is the expected strategy a reality? Are the objectives identified by the strategy correct? To find these answers in the future entrepreneurial practice

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