How to build a new pattern of industry in Suining

Since the reform and opening up

, although China’s economy has achieved remarkable development, but now encountered a bottleneck in the development, it is difficult to make a difference in the market, so the transformation and upgrading of enterprises is an imperative. Today, the development of emerging industries has become the new vitality of the city’s economic development, and the innovation and transformation of the tree "trees" in the traditional industry quietly out of the bud". This year, "NPC and CPPCC" put forward, the city will promote industrial quality and efficiency, adhere to the emerging industries and traditional industries "double wheel drive", to 2020, above scale manufacturing business revenue exceeded 200 billion yuan.

tap the advantages of traditional enterprise potential burst of new vitality

days ago, Tuopai group (600702, shares) announced the 2016 semi annual performance: the company achieved operating income of 780 million yuan, an increase of 24.3%; realize operating profit 63 million yuan, an increase of 248.2%.

at the end of last year, Tuopai willing to complete the equity transfer and capital increase, become Sichuan liquor enterprises of mixed ownership reform first successful case. Tianyang group white, focus on liquor making industry deepening reform, the release of the business vitality and growth potential. Companies to increase marketing reform efforts to improve the sales staff incentive mechanism to repair the effect of the marketing of the short board gradually emerged in the first half of the company’s overall revenue growth ranked second in the industry.

Welcome change

Tuopai group, showed a significant effect of traditional industry to enhance the implementation of Suining, but also reflects the development trend of the city’s traditional industry gradually warming.

The traditional

industry, especially the traditional large enterprises as the industrial economy ballast to realize the steady growth of the city’s industrial significance. To stabilize the traditional large enterprises, in order to stabilize the fundamentals of industrial development in Suining.

The introduction of SKYWORTH

Huarun Jinhua digital (000810, shares) the construction of SKYWORTH West Industrial Park, India Ji media (002143, shares) listed companies backdoor high gold, Tuopai willing to complete the equity transfer and capital increase, Ma Sheng chemical introduce partners to promote the strategic reorganization…… In recent years, the traditional advantages of enterprise decline, the city vigorously implement the transform and upgrade traditional industries, through mergers and acquisitions, equity investment, strategic cooperation and other ways to achieve "fission" expansion, to fully tap the potential of traditional advantage enterprises.

through the transformation and upgrade, is out of the predicament of traditional large enterprises, Tuopai willing to SKYWORTH as the representative of the Jinhua, rejuvenated, led the city’s traditional industry to pick up. 1-8 months, Suining industrial added value increased by 10.1%, higher than the province (7.9%) by 2.2 percentage points, the growth rate of the province’s total of fourth; involved in the industry has achieved positive growth in the 32 industry, the growth of up to 87.5%.

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