College graduates earn 300 thousand years Steamed Rice chicken shop

for graduates, entrepreneurship is a way out of their own, as a result of their own boss, the state to provide strong support, so graduate students on the entrepreneurial more and more. The following small series to introduce a for a chicken Steamed Rice entrepreneurial success stories.

RestaurantSo why choose

, chicken Steamed Rice this food item? This is a certain origin. Wei Yajing said she is working in the hotel when everything is hard, but when she got to pay special attention to the fact that, in many of the guests in the hotel Pingdu, very little love braised chicken in this dish, but also love to eat with Steamed Rice.

"I was majoring in hotel management, usually on the special sense of interest can not only eat, eat also eat," Wei Yajing said. Especially when she closed the steamed stuffed bun shop, she had the idea of chicken rice. In 2013 March, she will make the Baozipu before relying on a few million all out, then in Pingdu rented a door, then to the cousin borrowed a few million renovation, finally opened the restaurant.


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