Farmers entrepreneurial park for farmers to create a customer into a star

now farmers want to start again do not have to worry about can not find the resources and channels, various types of farmers have established business platform, provide business information and policy and funding support, help every farmer hit off poineering road to go farther.


was founded in June 2015, Xinzheng Meng is the entrepreneurial farmers farmers become hit off the star: 98 Small and micro businesses settled, of which 53 are migrant farmers’ entrepreneurship. Many farmers create why customers favor farmers entrepreneurship Park, Venture Park for the creation of the passengers who provided the conditions for entrepreneurship? This reporter walked into the Meng farmers interview.

platform service startup

"red dates 9 per year to October mature, this time we should at least take several hundred thousand dollars to Xinjiang collection dates, once not loan money, one year time will be in vain." February 15th, Xinzheng Xinxing Jujube Industry Co., Ltd. chairman Ma Guiwu said.

"in addition to financial support, we strive to serve as a bridge between enterprises and financial institutions to provide financial services for the enterprise. The framework cooperation agreement between park and the Xinzheng rural commercial bank and other financial institutions, the establishment of agricultural guarantee fund to provide loan guarantees for the admission of entrepreneurs." Xinzheng Mengzhuang town dangzhengban director Li Ziyang said.

"who settled enterprises, regardless of the interest rate, or by way of security, we are dedicated to support. Currently, the company has to provide loans to support 53 Venture Park, with a total amount of up to 64 million 850 thousand yuan." Xinzheng Rural Commercial Bank branch Meng Zhuang a responsible person said.


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