Entrepreneur’s law of life

What is the law of life of

entrepreneurs? Good entrepreneurs, to pay attention to good entrepreneurial methods and ways. Be familiar with the law of life and make the best plan for venture capital. So, please look at these laws together with the small bar!


2. (spillover effects)

always the hottest day around 2 pm, we always thought that this time the sun is the most powerful, in fact, when the sun has long West, is no longer the largest supply of heat. At this point the highest temperature, but is derived from the previous heat accumulation.



ChrisAnderson long tail theory believes that as long as the storage and distribution channels is large enough, demand or poor sales of products to occupy the market share of the number of those who can and selling products market share is equal to or even greater.

5. broke a glass window theory

6., also known as "herding" copy principle

a flock (Group) is a sprawling organization, usually with blind people hit left and right. If a sheep found a fertile green grass, and to eat fresh grass in there, then the sheep will herd, where grass competition, regardless of the wolf next to look at fiercely as a tiger does not see elsewhere, or is there a better grass.

7. Murphy’s law "

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