How to prevent the safety of rural retail stores in spring

has been working hard for months, once stolen, all the efforts can only be wasted. However, the spring, Chunkun began, a mistake, it’s possible to store stolen, so the owners also need to do preventive work. So, how to carry out the safety of rural retail stores in the spring?

"spring dawn, hear birds singing everywhere". Spring returns to the good earth., the recovery of all things, is a school of life, many people in the spring often have a lazy feeling, afternoon night sleep through the night, be sleepy straws, according to Professor Zhang of Medical University Of Anhui hospital explained, "the main reason is that after a harsh winter, spring temperatures rise, can not adapt to the regulation of peripheral blood vessels come, therefore there will be another spring Chunkun phenomenon, human metabolism increased, oxygen consumption increased, brain tissue oxygen supply is relatively reduced, will make people sleepy".

The author found that

recently visited the market, with the festival of young rural migrant workers gradually go out, part of the village appeared only the old, weak, sick, young, left behind as the main body of the phenomenon, for rural households in rural retail shop, due to cost constraints, security condition is relatively backward, and unable to monitor equipment popular in the rural areas, some rural shops frequently makes thieves patronize, spring how security safety manpowerfinance substance became part of the rural retail shop owner’s mind, I talk about some views on security, for the majority of users from retail.

one night in the store as far as possible. As part of the rural retail business, do not live together, no one to shop at night, Maozei left the door, spring as temperatures rise, closing for the night, near the door place to stay in the shop is one of the most effective way.

two is a dog can advance warning. "A barking dog, one dog song", the rural village shop, in addition to the night outside the frogs are silent, the dog will give you a special sensitive early warning, let the thief "smell the faint bark", a dog is a good way to guard against theft.

three is to strengthen the doors and windows, do not stay dead. Integrated police information and the case in the past, many from the rural part of the theft of shop door and window into the owner, usually pay attention to reinforcement, door and window with strong, anti-theft window, anti-theft door lock to the night behind the tree or stick against, increase the difficulty to pry the doors and windows.

four is a place where valuables are kept in a bedroom or a safe place. Maozei steal village shops, usually love money, cigarettes and other valuables stolen, for some worthless items rarely shot, a shot is convenient, two is easy to carry, the night to try to put valuables on a safe place.

security work is a long-term work, but also the owners of long-term adherence. After all, for rural retail owners, "rather than a thousand days without Thieves"

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