Pasta to join the investment good choice west wind surface

has a history of over three thousand years of traditional delicacy popular with the Shaanxi and Shanxi area. This may not be the southern varieties of pasta so familiar, but when it comes to Lanzhou beef noodle, everyone will know that it is a Lanzhou beef noodle has, not according to the relationship, but not much difference between. For those who join the food and beverage investment, the project is a good choice. The west wind has editorial recommendation to you here.

west wind has the modernization process with the traditional delicacy culture combined, stable material stable formula, making you feel make delicacy is no longer so difficult. The west wind has reflected the characteristics of Shaanxi flavor delicacy, more able to meet consumer demand. Product features prominent, simple and flexible shop. The west wind has joined the China vast north-south span, creating a different place different delicacy, but no matter in any place, I believe you will be able to see the west wind has existed. This kind of food in the north is very popular at any time. The unique method of eating, fresh market, brought a kind of enjoyment of food.

pasta easy to digest, while the taste is also very delicious, so the market in all parts of the country are the advantages of entrepreneurship project selection!

is different from the general noodles, noodles, west wind has not only requires time, reasonable collocation for heat and ingredients, is the master of the craft has a high standard, wrist force training and the duration of the control makes the delicacy the birth of a master has need to go through several years of experience, but also created a fresh cool and delicious chewy texture in the surface is difficult to copy. And it is also in the skillful, experienced master of the craft, the west wind has ensured the texture and taste of authentic, its outstanding performance to other brands can not match, but also the achievements of the status of the west wind is the one and only in the minds of consumers.

The west wind has

company for the main raw material to control from the source, select high-quality supply base as a long-term co-operation, and Northeast Agricultural University Food Institute jointly established the west wind Chinese fast food research institute, the combination provided by the domestic authority of nutrition collocation technical support and safety and health, in order to ensure with the advantages of strong R & D capability of enterprises.

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