Nanjing property market continued to increase the number of hot banks first suite down payment ratio

house prices are a matter of concern to the general public. Rich friends, optimistic about the price to continue to invest; no money friends, want to keep a close eye on the house can not have a house of their own. This time, the Nanjing property market continued hot, rising prices, policies on the property market is also spread to raise a Babel of criticism of which there are rumors that Nanjing, the mortgage policy will tighten. Nanjing property market continued to boom, a number of banks raised the proportion of down payment in the first suite, the following specific reports.

and Modern Express reporter noted that in July, Nanjing has ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, postal savings and other 9 commercial banks raised suite Shoufu ratio from 2.5 to 3 to raise the minimum, the first suite of mortgage interest rates generally hit 10 percent off, but the bank also gives 12% off the lowest discount rate. The two suites are still all maintain a down payment ratio of 4.5 into the mortgage interest rate is unified rise of 10%.

the country’s first suite of mortgage interest rates again low innovation

days ago, released in July 360 into the mortgage market report shows that first-tier cities real estate market differentiation serious, while Nanjing, Suzhou, Hefei, Xiamen and other places of the land market hot. At the same time, the country’s first suite of mortgage interest rates again low innovation, down to 4.44%. Last month, 4.48%, down by 0.04% year on year in July fell by 0.74% to 5.18%.

data show that in July, more than 80% of the bank’s first suite loan discount. Daily economic news reporter noted that the same period last year, the national preferential interest rate of 50.85%, then the national preferential interest rates accounted for several consecutive months of growth, this month is to reach an increase of 86.06% over the previous month, up to $0.75%.

preferential interest rates from the first suite of view, in July, the country’s 532 banks (branches), to provide the following preferential interest rate of 155, accounting for more than 29.14%, the rate of interest rates offered by the 212 banks of 10 percent off.

7 months Nanjing first mortgage interest rates the lowest eligible 12% off

on the Nanjing mortgage policy tightening rumors that two days of rumors that the new deal will raise a Babel of criticism of, increased mortgage Shoufu ratio. As of press time reporter, the people’s Bank of Nanjing branch did not respond to this rumor.

Nanjing’s current mortgage policy is still the implementation of the people’s Bank of China 2016 "2.1" policy (that is, No. 26), the first loan Shoufu ratio is 2.5, the minimum lending rate to 30 percent off; the first set of loans Shoufu 3, loan interest rates as the lowest 30 percent off; two suites Shoufu to 45%, loan the interest rates go up 10%. According to regulations, commercial banks in the lower limit on the basis of independent pricing, adjust the proportion of down payment and loan interest rates.

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