Distribution of formaldehyde adsorption series of college students a good idea to start a business

now the difficult employment of college students has become a consensus, at the same time, there have been more and more college students choose this path after graduation, there are a lot of opportunities for environmental protection market, very suitable for college students to entrepreneurship.

Product Overview

product features

1. highly efficient purification, especially furniture, household goods, furniture, building materials, such as the release of formaldehyde, benzene, radon, ammonia, TVOC and other harmful substances. The adsorption rate of activated carbon is 65 times of that of the same volume activated carbon 3-5.

2. antibacterial deodorant, humidity regulation, the production of negative ions, make the air clean and fresh.

3. wide scope of application. We can clean the room, car, office, new furniture, fabric products in the formaldehyde, but also purify all types of air conditioning, air quality improvement.

now sewing products, wooden furniture and other products in the production process, it is difficult to remove formaldehyde, ammonia and other substances, resulting in time in the daily life of people facing the formaldehyde and other pollutants, and governance of indoor air formaldehyde has become one of the main, more than half of consumers are in order to remove formaldehyde purification products to buy air. At present, various types of formaldehyde removal products in the market is very popular, activated carbon products are the most popular, accounting for about 60% of the market share. This product is also a new type of activated carbon technology. This product has been concerned about the domestic famous enterprises, such as Beauty Company. At the same time, the production company in Taobao flagship store in the series of products at a rate of more than 90%.

conditions and benefit distribution estimation

the minimum purchase cost about 100 thousand yuan, the specific amount of purchase reference into the series of commodity recommended investors

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