Chongqing Little Swan hot pot join details

Their food and beverage brands nationwide

such a Hot pot through their own efforts in the past thirty years, even in the world, is China catering enterprises in the chain before the ten strong, it is Chongqing Little Swan Hot pot restaurant. Chongqing Little Swan hot pot is a brand? If there is any project support? The following Xiaobian for you to answer.

Chongqing Little Swan Restaurant chain group is a subsidiary of Little Swan investment holding group, which is responsible for franchising. The introduction of international franchising service franchise concept and mode of operation, the chain stores explosive development, by the end of 2003, chain stores have reached more than and 300, throughout the country 26 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the more than and 180 City, such as Shandong, Henan, Shanxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan also, Hunan and other provinces, the United States of Seattle, Washington city radiation. Access to China’s fifty franchise furniture business prospects, China’s top 100 chain industry, China’s food and beverage industry, the top ten and many other awards.

to join the Chongqing Little Swan hot pot what technical support?

little swan is one of the most classic Hot pot Chinese most innovative food and beverage brands, she was characterized by "Chongqing, spicy, health", with "classic and authentic happiness," as the connotation, comprehensive interpretation of Chongqing Hot pot unique "spicy delicious", won the majority of consumers love.

Chongqing Little Swan to join the following support:

1. stores specific investment return analysis;

2. franchisee market survey;

3. store design;

4. franchise staff staffing, recruitment;

5. before the start of the full staff training;

6. provides a variety of manuals (kitchen, finance, personnel, culture, services, opening, dishes, tables);

7. franchise engineering supervision guidance;

8. provide raw materials ordering and raw materials distribution;

9. to provide planning and publicity programs, publicity, advertising products in the shop;

10. provides business support team for continuing operations in franchise stores;

11. provides franchise operations and damage

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