Analysis on several key factors of promotion

some enterprises in order to improve their product sales, often use some promotional strategies to attract more consumers. There are some basic elements which play a key role in the success or failure of sales promotion planning and promotion. These basic elements, according to the actual situation of the promotion of scientific integration, can really make the best sales promotion.

Several elements of

target consumer

now the sales promotion is often with the feeling, the pertinence is not strong, can not effectively target consumer promotions, this must arouse our attention.

Show a certain

Wuyang for ice cream sales, with certain focus. First of all, in the newspaper on the target consumers to lock, put forward more delicious, more favorable slogan, as long as consumers cut advertising, can be designated to the point of sale, to buy new products at preferential prices! Targeted targeted consumers to improve the efficiency of the promotion.

a beverage packaging of prize promotions, greatly raises customer creativity. Through the collection of packaging different signals, such as the twelve zodiac, a poem, a riddle of the quiz and draw, attracted a large number of consumers. Some time ago a brand anniversary quiz prizes, and cooperate with the promotion and site treasure, received nearly one hundred thousand letters and large consumer site in! Aroused the enthusiasm of consumers, good results.

Kelon Company ", Kelon air-conditioning / AC Warburg Millennium treasure hunt, the scene for air conditioning or camera, one sentence is enough to cause the consumer’s interest, as far as possible"

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