Do you have a qualified optician

don’t look now the number of streets and lanes glasses shop is very large, can be seen everywhere such shops, business seems pretty good. But if the relevant departments thorough investigation, the number of truly meet the various requirements of the glasses shop is very limited, most of them are still not qualified state. So, your glasses shop qualified?

, according to media reports, recently Suzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of Suzhou Branch within the jurisdiction of the 5 shop to carry out sampling of quality glasses products, found a lot of problems, many glasses store not only the operation personnel qualification is not enough, it is not enough scientific optometry equipment. Experts said that if the quality of glasses problems, to say that the impact of small wear comfort, to the big said it would cause great harm to the eyes.


checks after the discovery, the most problem is the glasses store documents are not complete, some glasses shop only with no intermediate certificate optometry work permit, there is simply no double card glasses shop. 90 skilled optometrist, dispensing work belongs to the state, must obtain the corresponding occupation qualification certificate to posts, but we found during the inspection, many glasses store and optometrist work with undocumented homework, or fail to meet the provisions of the state intermediate (four countries) above the occupation qualification. This will lead to the final production of glasses quality, such as degree of deviation.

here, Xiaobian remind you that everyone in the glasses, must choose to have intermediate and intermediate optometrist with work permit double glasses shop, but want to open shop entrepreneurs, but also must have the intermediate double certificate, and to learn the real glasses shop related technology, this kind of glasses shop it can continue to operate long-term.

if you are an operator of the optical shop, you want to sell glasses to make money, and in order to get more long-term development of your glasses store, in line with the relevant provisions of the country is a prerequisite. So, with the introduction of the above small series, if you run a glasses shop, your glasses shop qualified?

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