The development of hi de Boiled dumplings

hi de Boiled dumplings is a well-known brand of dumplings, the chain stores across the country, from the creation date for 14 years. Now like German brand Boiled dumplings have stopped to join Boiled dumplings in the country, if there is interest on the dumpling shop to join the entrepreneurs consider other brands of dumplings. Hi de Boiled dumplings brand to expand, along the way it will have brilliant achievements today numerous difficulties and dangers. The following Xiaobian take you a simple understanding of the Hei de Boiled dumplings development.

hi de Chinese Boiled dumplings restaurant chain Boiled dumplings is the leading brand, founded in 2002 in Heilongjiang Hegang, the headquarters management institutions in Liaoning Dalian. The hi de Boiled dumplings to the northeast, North China two development area, all over the country’s more than and 40 City, owns a chain of more than and 300 stores, more than 4 thousand employees, has become the influential professional leading brand chain Boiled dumplings. Hi de inherits Chinese traditional delicacy, combined with the modern concept of a healthy diet, a good selection of ingredients, to provide real, now package is now cook delicious and healthy Boiled dumplings for customers. The future, like German will let the world enjoy Chinese taste delicious and healthy, let hi German now package Boiled dumplings all over the world heritage for centuries! Ten years step, like German is taking the first step, "let the partner development step. Like the hope that more and more families have dreams, goals, capable people, can enjoy the home of the stage, to find their own cause, an achievement, have the ability to change themselves, change the life. Hi de Boiled dumplings invite interested persons, common development.

hi de Boiled dumplings development process:

2002 was established in

hi de Boiled dumplings founder Mr. Gao Defu founded the first Xi De Boiled dumplings stores in Heilongjiang of Hegang province.

2003 early into Harbin

hi de Boiled dumplings opened the first shop in the Harbin area, called Harbin Yuanda shop. Because there was no brand benefit and the location of the lack of experience, great store in just 11 months "Kang

Bao "in a closed end.

2004 years into Harbin

hi de Boiled dumplings and regroup again into Harbin, the ultimate success.

stationed in Jiamusi


hi de Boiled dumplings in Jiamusi, first stores located in Yongan street, Xiangyang district.

2006 to establish the city central kitchen model

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