Retail business can not grasp the hemp put watermelon

is now a lot of retail stores will be carried out on the basis of a large number of retail business, regardless of whether the business is hot, which has almost become a common phenomenon in the industry. After all, do business, grasping opportunities to make money, is right, but some retailers operating without primary and secondary, "catch sesame, missed watermelon", seemingly hard, bustling about, the effect is very little, even counterproductive, self defeating.


area has a cigarette and liquor vendor, good location, good natural tobacco business, net monthly income of more than 4000 yuan. Shop owner perennial shop, originally limited energy, but he is not willing to poor backward, see others engage in express, collect calls business, that can make money, apply to join, make up second career. Initially, the volume is not large, did not affect the main industry.

but then, with the increase in the number of business, his energy is not enough. Half a year down, people are tired, but also live in a hospital. So, bustling about, often forget to order, play money. Many orders failed to sell smokeless tobacco, a marked decline in sales, affect the normal income shop.

is the main industry in the face of change, he seems to do nothing, is reluctant to give up a variety of business. Thanks to an old classmate advised him to spare, out of a variety of business owners do earn undivided attention. So, he gave up a variety of business, tobacco business has gradually improved, the operating state of the return to the past.

to carry out a variety of business, which may indeed be able to improve the current phenomenon of fierce competition in retail stores, however, the retail business can not forget the primary and secondary. This lesson gives us an important enlightenment: the shop to do business, not always on the others "meat" bowl, must according to their actual situation to do, so as to be targeted, busy but not chaotic, achieve the expected purpose and effect.

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