Mobile payment benefits

for large business super, mobile payment is nothing new, and many people are willing to enjoy the convenience, not willing to carry large sums of money. However, for some retail stores, many do not accept mobile payments. In fact, the mobile payment is really a lot of benefits, it is worth choosing the owner oh.

"boss, can WeChat pay not?" Whenever a customer asks, I always smile and say, "yes, there must be! WeChat, Alipay, and POS card, how to pay can be!"

In fact,

mobile payment to bring convenience to customers at the same time, but also greatly facilitate our own. Especially during the Spring Festival season, not only can save the counting time, also to avoid the risk of receiving counterfeit money. Customers to buy the most amount of money, special purchases for the Spring Festival, points, have to distinguish between true and false notes carefully, careless, the slightest mistake, error prone. A few years ago, I no less because of negligence and received counterfeit money.

now, I use the most is the WeChat payment function. Do not add friends, customers can easily pay by scanning the two-dimensional code. It is interesting that not only young people like to pay with WeChat, some smart phones are also catching up with the elderly fashion, learn to play WeChat. A more than and 70 year old customer heard that I can pay WeChat store, and quickly pulled out my phone to help me pay. The old man said, WeChat wallet money is a child to send a red envelope, he also caught a fashion.


payment is not only convenient, but also to avoid the debts. There is a love debts of patrons, there are times when shopping to find enough cash, and for debts. Can I remind her of WeChat payment, payment will be able to sweep. At this point, she is not a good thing to mention loans.

another time, when the purchase of cash is not enough, the clerk reminded me to use WeChat transfer, is not enough to worry about cash, I immediately stretched his brow.

if it is still the traditional payment, I am afraid there is no attraction for young people, naturally prone to loss of business. In fact, I was able to provide mobile payment service is relatively early. The diversification of the payment for my shop attracted many young customers, but also has more repeat customers. And I have become the beneficiaries of this stylish and convenient payment methods.

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