Tea chain store decoration recommendations

tea chain store renovation work often ignored by some franchisees, but now consumers pay more and more attention to the store design and decoration, so to attract their attention, it is best to pay more attention to this aspect. Xiaobian finishing some of the decoration skills, I hope you can find a suitable decoration program.

1 counter: decorative elements, the shelves of the counter is mainly generous theme, smooth lines, should generally be made of wood, can be painted imitation mahogany, also can use varnish made of wood color, it can embody the harmonious unity of more than tea, also can do some curio and a small cabinet, in order to put tea and tea book, the conditions can be a square table or table to use tea.

2, wall decoration elements: tea shop wall should be simple and elegant, with wooden decoration board, paint color is good, and with reasonable knowledge about tea tea paintings or promotional materials.

3, ground decoration elements: tea shop floor mainly to keep clean and tidy, with marble, terrazzo, also can use paper, preferably with green or gray if the carpet, do not use harsh tone.

4 lighting: decorative elements, should pay attention to in store lighting to open tea shops, the top lighting must be bright, generally used electronic fluorescent lamp, the brighter the better, the best counter, shelves with green lamp, with red lights.

5, decorated with decorative elements: tea shop decoration is very important, can be appropriate to put some flowers, bonsai or purple, porcelain, key according to the different characteristics of tea, different ideas, reach the role, must not be blindly piling.

Decoration design of

tea chain stores there are many, but no matter what kind of choice, according to the actual operation of the shop to be, but also understand the local consumer habits and psychology, let you shop easier to attract their attention, do more, the heart of the investment business.

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