Miami Kung Fu Malatang join advantage introduction

Miami Malatang have joined the effort? Miami Kung Fu Malatang why can get consumers in many of the snack food brand? Why heat spicy spicy Kung Fu to occupy the consumer market? Read the following advantages introduced you know.

Miami Kung Fu Malatang join money advantage:

1, Miami Kung Fu Malatang delicious and tasty, healthy green food concept, to allow consumers to eat at ease, eat at ease, eat every day to customers in a continuous line, Miami Kung Fu Malatang joined a vast market and development situation of


2, Miami Kung Fu Malatang to the green Hot pot culture, enjoy a good popularity and reputation in the minds of consumers, welcome. The implementation of brand strategy, shaping the perfect image of catering chain enterprises, to create a unique food culture, but also for the catering industry to make great contributions to environmental protection.

3, Miami Kung Fu Malatang dig folk catering book in the traditional formula based on the combination of traditional Chinese medicine tonic theory, using thirty kinds of natural herbs carefully brewed, forming a unique taste, with spicy and delicious aftertaste.

Miami Kung Fu Malatang joined the six major advantages:

1, the formula advantage: integration of palace cooking recipes and folk delicacy Jiapin, through the re development of modern nutrition, food ingredients with unpredictable, cover and contain everything, employees can not take away, making a business.

2, nutritional advantages: Meat collocation, nutrition collocation: all kinds of vegetables, beans, mushrooms, seafood, instant noodles, everything; dinner reception, leisure can be. Eat a super value, and ages, customers save money, the profit doubled.

3, cooking, cooking ingredients advantages: simple operation, accurate quantification, without chef training for; without standard kitchen, cooking process transparent operation, the business area is maximized, increase profits, saving time, labor and money.

4, the speed advantage: the combination of Chinese and Western fast food meals quality, speed, 180 seconds instant, consumers save time, the rate of over Taiwan high, high profit.

5, rich advantages of convenient manufacture, no smoke pollution, not disturbing, any place can shop; the store can be small or large, investment may be less than, business flow can be fixed, suitable for small business, get rich quick.

6, support advantages: the whole store output, free technical training, management training, and can enjoy a permanent free technology upgrades, food upgrades, management upgrades, promotions, to ensure the success of franchise stores.

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