The clothing store shop three cheats

clothing store now in our life is very common, but in the entire garment industry competition is so fierce, want to open a clothing store in the successful and timely grasp of some shop cheats is very important.


1) location; discount stores are usually located in the convenient transportation area, and strive to minimize the land rent, as far as possible to control costs. Of course, in the actual location, according to the different types of discount stores and market competition, the specific site selection strategy will be different. For young people, discount brand more attractive, it is suitable for open downtown and commercial center in the city, but considering the discount strength at present, should try to avoid direct competition with rivals such as a brand sale counters in department stores and brand stores positive conflict.

2) stores; in order to save costs as much as possible, discount store store environment should strive to simplify the design and layout. Discount stores generally do not carry out direct sales promotions, and even provide only limited personnel services. It is only dependent on the design of its stores have a unique style, often the emergence of shopping and limited but the most critical service.

3) in sales; brand discount store, because the goods are out of season, lack grade brand, so in the commodity price tag label, general note discount clear, with real and credible information to assist the correct decision of customers. In the key services, discount stores are not discounted, as foreign OUTLETS claimed to give consumers a room for regret. Although, some studies show that customers are more favored than unconditional return of value-added services, but unconditional return to discount stores, it is necessary to face a huge cost pressure. As much as possible to reduce the risk of discount stores can take some flexible measures to cope with, as promised to return, but not to refund the cash, but in exchange for a similar shopping voucher card, in the limited period of time discount store shopping; or promised refund cash, but if commodity prices, according to the price after the price refund, so as a result, not only the unconditional return of customer needs have been met, but also the discount stores the resulting cost pressure greatly reduced.


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