Hunan inclusive financial services to all sectors of the community to provide a full range of financ

a lot of low-income people or disabled people, the elderly go to the bank for business, can not get better service. Hunan for this phenomenon has always been the introduction of inclusive financial policy, effectively changed the pattern.


days before the financial inclusion work will be made to promote the people of the province, banks and financial institutions to "Small and micro businesses, farmers and urban low-income people, poor people and the disabled, the elderly and other special groups" clearly the focus of inclusive financial services, but also to effectively improve the coverage rate and the degree of satisfaction of financial services.

for a long time, China’s financial industry is a big banking system, banks are more willing to serve large business customers, but there is a lack of business in general small and medium enterprises, personal consumption. Inclusive Finance, is able to effectively and fully provide financial services to all sectors of society and groups. Earlier this year, the State Council issued to promote inclusive financial development plan (2016-2020), for the first time inclusive finance into the national strategic planning.

meeting the same day, the implementation of national planning requirements, to promote the introduction of specific policies and measures to promote the development of inclusive finance. All banking financial institutions should incorporate the concept of Inclusive Finance into their own development, appropriate to improve the tolerance rate of inclusive financial services, profitability indicators, such as tolerance, institutional outlets have to sink grassroots, sink the county.

in addition to credit, banking institutions also actively innovation including settlement, savings, consulting, financial services, promoting the "Internet plus financial development, to meet the diverse financial needs. At the same time, to carry out financial poverty relief, all localities should take the initiative to explore the development of inclusive financial development model, and strive to be copied, can be extended".

the growing number of banking institutions, not only rely on large customers, small customers also have great value. Is the so-called "small customers, Many a little make a mickle." force should not be overlooked, promotion of inclusive financial development model to a series of problems effectively solve the current between the bank and the customer, but also beneficial to promote the development of the banks themselves and grow.

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