How to improve the paint shop

paint shop business is good, often decided to paint in the hands of the painter, therefore, if you want to successfully open a paint shop, it is necessary to do a good job with the painter. However, how does the paint shop do well with the painter?

first, painter rebate how to?

a lot of paint dealers know to paint it industry rebate, but how specific is appropriate to grasp this is a matter of degree, only to grasp the "degree", we can not only give decorators rebate, and earn money for their stability; general painter kickbacks to look at the local market in particular, just paint Shop agents, we can understand the local market and make their own paint, give rebate schemes painter.

1, a fixed amount of painters such as: rebate; second tier brands to 30-50 a barrel of rebates, many owners can accept the price of paint, then we can in other brands to paint rebate increase 30-50 block, that is to say, other brands to the 30, we will give the early 60, due to the there is enough space rebate to help, the painter can we sell our paint brands; only if enough money, the painter to paint products to our cause.

2, according to the percentage to the decorator Commission; such as painter this month with the owners to paint our store bought 20000 dollars, we can according to the total sales of about 10%, to the end of the month to give the painter one-time rebate; to do so, let the painter have a collar another wage feeling, or monthly, which can not only enhance the painter to promote our brand strength, also allows us to have a master painter of the control.

second, you can try to paint a small welfare?

a lot of the painter from time to time to our store to buy paint, ask us to some daily necessities, this time, we will have a strong paint marketing plan; to give the painter some small supplies, such as: kettle, razors, belts etc., can let the customer feel our brand of paint paint the care, but also can satisfy the painter petty, let them have a small gift to buy paint satisfaction, so as to improve the working enthusiasm we sell paint paint brands;

third, do not regularly painter to eat


meeting is the painter painter please eat a meal, the way to send some promotional materials, one can collect the painter’s contact, listen to the painter of our paint brand, on the other hand, we can improve the visibility of the paint brands.

fourth, holiday short

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