Entrepreneurship how does a laid-off worker become a billionaire

this is an entrepreneurial miracle, but a deep inspiration for entrepreneurs story. The whole network Xiaobian together and see it. 1989, the 24 year old Liu Xin, a fuel company in Shenyang, "unfortunate" laid off. He has been married for a living, welding a "many in the market, selling vegetables, selling fish, carrying clothing. Two years later, he saved 7000 dollars, and his wife Jin Xiuyi to do the clothing business, and soon diverted to do fruit business, but after several months, did not earn money. Because Liu Xin is a "good cook", Jin Xiuyi had also learned a great mother with pickle rolls, finally, they decided to open a small hotel. In this way, Liu Xin couple all opened a cold hall in Taiyuan street. But less than a year, they not only invested 7000 yuan into the whole lost, but also owed a lot of debt.

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