The second central China business conference held in Zhengzhou

entrepreneurship has become a trend of the times, all over the country in the call of the country, and actively carry out entrepreneurship, in order to effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, so that it is more in line with the development needs of the market. On the morning of July 10th, the second central China business conference held in Zhengzhou. 2500 entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs to listen to the 20 high-quality business innovation, ingenuity and sharing, visited the more than and 100 entrepreneurial projects.

central business conference organized by the Henan daily newspaper group, Henan business daily contractors, the annual session. Entrepreneurs touched each other, venture capital and venture capital to attract each other, the annual session of the Central Plains entrepreneurship conference has become the annual event of Henan Chong and venture capital sector.

the biggest highlight of this conference is to bring together projects and funds in the province, help entrepreneurs. The province’s 18 cities to join the mainstream media help, from a wider range of the province over the screening of entrepreneurial projects, and with the help of the media to spread the project to the province.

according to the Central Plains entrepreneurship conference organizing committee, the current business of the exhibitors participating in the project is very enthusiastic, the original design of the booth is not enough, and later also had to adjust the booth layout, increase the booth. This is because we see the first entrepreneurship conference event, have good communication effect and promote the value of participating in the project.

this time, as a result of the 18 cities to join the media business alliance, will be excellent projects through the media to spread the power of the province to go.

and the Henan scene, compared with the first session of the conference of the Central Plains of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship conference exhibitors more than 100 entrepreneurial projects. This further broadens the horizons of entrepreneurs, expanding the Central Plains entrepreneurship conference this venture platform. Exhibitors found that these projects involving electricity providers, food, automotive, science and technology, agriculture and other industries, the project highlights. Both Ogilvy printing, rhyme express, Wen Xin tea and other well-known projects are exhibiting for the first time, a peony and other baby food.

although the first exhibition, but soon attracted the attention of entrepreneurs. This is called "baby food, vegetable machine can sterilization, to pesticide residues, attracted many onlookers. Yang Xue, head of the Henan market, this product can be produced by water molecules in the process of cracking and reduction of high energy, more than 90% of pesticide residues.

some niche range of entrepreneurial projects, also to the exhibition, also very eye-catching. For example, Reyes luxury bag leather care housekeeper. The person in charge, said Shao Chaolei, they are mainly Lv, Gucci and other luxury leather goods do maintenance, repair, and now the customer’s turnover rate of 76%, of which 40% of the customers are recommended by the old customers.


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