Six kinds of people are not suitable for Entrepreneurship

also need entrepreneurial ability and potential, why do some people suitable for business, some people are not suitable for business, because of the ability requirements of personalized business are higher and more comprehensive. Below, we look at those who are not suitable for their own business!

the first blind by many people in the shop at the beginning of what store to open and be without any objective basis, just to see or hear someone’s shop to make money, just as prompted by a sudden impulse to open the shop. When the shop opened up after the discovery of the whole industry is not like the original body, heard, the stuff is good, can rival innumerable, quality and price of products in the market have no advantage, continue means more losses, become the best choice to give up. In fact, the shop is more of a financial behavior, in the fierce competition in traditional industries, the possibility to night is almost 0.

as store operations, sales skills are very important, in the promotion of the brand at the same time, the clerk can facilitate the transaction depends on the individual skill level. For store performance problems, many people only emphasize the turnover rate, that is, the proportion of the number of stores and the number of transactions, while the volume was not enough attention. The turnover rate is the same, if the average every guest to buy two pieces of clothing, performance doubling, and so on performance can be increased several times, the key there is sales skills. So what is the sales skills it is not a few lines to deal with customers, but to guide customers or even make a decision to buy the psychological tactics. Therefore, people who are not good at making decisions about purchasing decisions will not be able to do a good job in a store.

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