Let go of these things and you will be successful

people often say, give and take, for some things, are up and get it, you want to own a bright future, but some things have to be put down, so you can step by step to success.

1, put down the pressure – tired and not tired, depending on your state of mind room, will not clean dusty. Disgraceful heart will become gray and confused. We experienced a lot of things every day, happy, happy, in the heart settle down. More than one thing in mind, will be out of order, then the heart also followed them up. Some painful emotions and unpleasant memories, if full of heart, it will make people dispirited. So, sweeping dust, can make the dark heart becomes bright; to clear it, upset to say goodbye; throw away some unnecessary pain, happiness will have more and more space.

2, put down the trouble – the so-called happiness is actually very simple to practice smiling, not mechanically move your facial expressions, but hard to change your mind, regulate your mood. Learn to calmly accept the reality, learn to say to yourself, learn to calmly face the misfortune, learn to actively look at life, learn to think of everything. In this way, the sun will flow into the heart, out of fear, to drive away the darkness, to drive away all the haze.

3, put down the inferiority – the inferiority from your dictionary by deleting not everyone can become a great man, but everyone can become a strong man. A strong heart, can dilute all the pain and sorrow; heart strong, can effectively compensate for your lack of external; heart strong, can make you fearless to walk in the road, feel that their ideas, above all the buildings and mountains


4, put down the lazy – struggle to change the fate of skills and trick do not blindly admire people, through constant effort, you can have. Because, to a simple action practice to reach the acme of perfection, is unique; an ordinary things to achieve perfection in one’s studies.

5, put the negative – desperate hope left, right if you want to become a successful person, then please cheer for "their best", to actively defeat negative, so noble defeat shallow, so honest defeat hypocrisy, so tolerant narrow defeat, let happiness defeat depression, so hard to beat >

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