Yue Yunpeng was scolded Guo Degang comfort you red will be scolded

The emergence of the

network between the stars and ordinary people in the distance, the stars can receive praise from fans, but will also gain a lot of infamy. Recently Guo Degang comforted Yue Yunpeng scold, said he is scolded that red, the artist is often scolded.

12 on the evening of 21 August, Yue Yunpeng in micro-blog and master Guo Degang drying out the photo, and that is because someone scold him, depressed so come to Guo Degang for comfort, and Guo Degang said to wait to have more friends call again. Subsequently, Guo Degang forwarded Yue Yunpeng micro-blog, and comfort said the artist is not scolded makes no sense, different people on different positions have different views on you. And I am very pleased to say red".

12 on the evening of 21 August, comic actor Yue Yunpeng through micro-blog sun and master Guo Degang photo, and wrote: "recently, a variety of things bother me, today, I came to the master, the master asked me why I was awkward? I said that recently some netizens scolded me, I do not know how to adjust the state of mind and the master asked me how many scold you? I say there are tens of thousands. Master said that he was not satisfied, and so on hundreds of thousands of times to find him. I’m confused. What should I do?"

recently CCTV variety show "the great challenge" make disciples of Guo Degang Yue Yunpeng once again sparked heated debate. In "the great challenge", the most miserable were none other than Yue Yunpeng, Yue Yunpeng and Sha Yi in the first through three city Shanghai, Beijing, Chifeng, the consumption of foot 35 hours around 3 vehicles to complete the task. In the second period and was forced to set China went to Shanxi to work, because the body collapse and give up the challenge by the netizen is sprayed into the sieve, but there are no good friends that Yue Yunpeng particularly true, and not because the show deliberately insisted.

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