The best investment projects recommended 2 yuan leather maintenance shop

now the people’s living conditions are good, the consumption level of natural leather is high, there is no longer a miles away products, more and more consumers have leather, but leather is extremely difficult to maintain, a careless, there may be a problem. So the professional leather maintenance shop will be greatly welcomed!


leather maintenance shop investment market survey:

according to the owner, leather cosmetic existing technology generally divided into two types, one is the traditional way of manual maintenance and renovation. This kind of beauty way backward technology, rough process, only a simple color of leather surface, but also may appear faded phenomenon when wearing, already can’t meet the requirement of maintenance people.

1. investment leather maintenance without shop opened in the downtown area, generally in the area near the nearest open, so convenient for customers to take delivery.

2. in the service charge, the leather must be timely, to ensure that customers in the need to.

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