The car fell into the 5 people trapped car zhuihe man 1 people rescued 5 people trapped

5 at noon on May 21, Jiangyin public Lee driving accident in the south gate, the car ran out of control into the river next to the road, the river submerged the whole car. At that time, Mr. Lee and his wife, daughter, two nieces were trapped in the water. Extremely critical, a person who happened to pass by the river jumped into the river, one by one, will be drowning 5 people all rescued on the shore. Lee, a security, save the guy silently left the scene, no one knows his name. Who is the unknown hero? A Mr Lee came back to think to personally thank Savior. After a night of search, rescue hero Tian Xiaomeng found! He is 28 years old, is a barber, from Xuzhou, Xinyi, to the South Gate of Jiangyin has been for the past more than and 10 years. Yangzi Evening News reporter Ding Bo

two cars collided, the car crashed into the river

Jiangyin traffic police squadron of Qin Nan South Gate police officer told the Yangtze Evening News reporter, 21, 11 at noon, it was raining, South Gate police squadron received traffic command center, South Gate Street Gongnong Road Jiao Village Road bridge out of the accident, police said one of the parties has been rushed into the road on the north side of the river car. Squadron immediately sent police rushed to the scene and found a roadside parked a modern black car. The other a blue BYD car has rushed into the intersection east of the river, the vehicle has been down to the bottom of the lake to see.

accident scene found a total of 6 parties. In addition to the modern owners, the other 5 are in the car on the water. According to the parties to reflect, at the time of the accident, the black car in the modern Jiao Village Bridge traveling from north to south, the front of the vehicle and left BYD after BYD sedan collided, out of control into the car into the river, river, 5 per capita does not get off.

after the accident, a passing vehicle down a more than and 20 year old man, the first time jumped into the river, will fall into the water on the shore of the rescue of the 5, and then left no information on the left.

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