Zhengzhou snow major platform to stop the takeout orders many people starving

with the coming of winter snow is coming, in the snow when the homes rely on takeaway to buy something to eat, but I hope in vain. 22 is simply a day of heavy snow, not only a variety of high-speed traffic control, urban roads are also a variety of congestion, home fight is enough oil in the car. Of course, in addition to the impact of heavy snow travel, but also affect the problem of eating a lot of people. Zhengzhou snow major platform to stop the takeout orders, how many people are starving. For specific details, the following and Xiaobian specific understanding.

after the heavy snow, people travel difficult, even the food can not go out to buy, then it was necessary to take it away, but did not want to think, a takeaway is also so difficult……

lives in the agricultural road, Mr. Sun, is usually a takeaway lovers, with wife at home on this takeaway "alive", about snow, his survival is threatened, because "nobody to delivery".

, I took three take off at noon today, the first and the second is the show after the success of the list, less than half an hour was returned to the single second." Mr. Sun said with a wry smile, fortunately, the third single point, through the telephone communication, the store agreed delivery, but the distribution cost is higher than usual, "usually is 3 yuan or 2 yuan, 4.5 yuan today." Think of a snowy day someone to delivery has been very good, Mr. Sun did not bargain, but "grateful for waiting for the arrival of" go by.

, however, the reporter found that there are also part of the conscience of the merchant is still normal delivery takeaway, there is no increase. Just in the afternoon, the major takeaway platform have closed the transaction, do not want to add money to eat.

cannot run errands brother boss are distressed by the

In addition to

anti-skid chain business enthusiasm, the list is quick errands little brother burst. One of the largest Zhengzhou errands company responsible person surnamed Qiao told reporters today, the list is 2 times more than yesterday, because of the bad weather, the work is more than half of the errands brother, causing them to abnormal pressure.


errands little brother come out today, the system will reward superposition to them, but due to bad weather conditions, the road is not safe, or less than usual half brother out of the list." Joe surname responsible person, due to fewer people list, so the user to send a single price will increase, up to 2.8 times the usual price, but is still in short supply. In fact, we do not want to see such a scene, and even hope that the user in this weather less list. Snow slippery, our brother riding the electric car very difficult walking in the snow, but also easy to brave the wind and snow fall, we are very distressed."

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