The accumulation of wealth workers how to save money

people with no foresight, to work for a lifetime, as his own boss entrepreneurial wealth. How do we work in the daily life of the work, the accumulation of funds for their own business plan? The following small to 10 workers how to save money accumulated wealth of money for you? Little secret!

1. and check all receipts, make sure there is no extra charge;

2. to clear up your money daily, weekly and monthly flows where, is the detailed budget and expenditure;

3. from the salary setting aside part of the monies, 5%, 10%, 25% can anyway, must be kept;

4. bank card to retain only one, to prove their identity is enough;

5. to read more about the repair, invest to get rich "practical manual", the best from the library, or downloaded from the Internet,

6. and save money; ride public transport to work the tool, save parking fees, gasoline fee, insurance premium and parking time;

7. take food to work, every year can save 2000 yuan, use it to store for pension fund;

8. to buy something. Don’t forget to think about "spend the money is worth, cheap is not necessarily your worth, will not guarantee the quality;

9. to simplify your life, the house not too big, buy second-hand goods, cheap shops, auction and shopping;

10. definitely can Kanjia, you do not move, the store will not take the initiative to cut prices to sell you something.

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