Expand the direct financing channels of enterprises and the integration of manufacturing and capital

in order to start-up companies or small and micro enterprises to better development, Panyu is to further expand the direct financing channels for the development of many enterprises to create more resources to create a good entrepreneurial environment.

3 30, Guangzhou Panyu venture investment partnership in the long International Exhibition Center held the opening ceremony, the national Torch Center Director Li Wenlei, deputy director of the provincial science and Technology Department of Finance deputy director of planning, Ye Jingtu and Han Yaxin, deputy director of Guangzhou city by Zhan Decun and finance director Ouyang Bin He Rucheng, deputy secretary, mayor, district standing committee, deputy mayor Chen Dejun, Minister of the Organization Department of the Party committee, Huo Yang, vice mayor Yang Weiqiang attended the Panyu venture and jointly inaugurated.

The establishment of

It is reported that Panyu is

, venture capital and other private firms will region and the country’s top venture capital management company, Tsinghua holdings ginkgo Vc firms jointly recommended

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