How to know the idea is good

often hear people say that a good business idea can create a huge wealth of opportunities, but very few people listen to what kind of entrepreneurial ideas are good. When a person has a business idea, how to know the idea of entrepreneurship is good? Let’s take a look at what we can do.

a withered tree, no matter how dress can revitalize. The same is true of entrepreneurship, successful entrepreneurs should first find a good idea, and then start a business. If you insist on this approach, you will gradually find the value of your own ideas to others, when you achieve these values, the company was born.

how business idea is good? Entrepreneurial process, the most important thing is to find a solution you can solve the gap.

how business idea is good? There are three things in common: the founder’s own needs, the ability of the founder, and the originality.


If the original

if you’re a programmer is the target user, then that would be great, because the manufacturing process and testing a new version of the user can be responsible for you.

how business idea is good? People are more easily in a strange place to find the problem: one is because local residents do not like the same software engineers use the software technology to solve their own problems, two is a completely strange outsider, you can use a more objective attitude to look at local social phenomena.

for startups, beat competitors is a very rare thing. So if there is no competing with you or your product demand, then you have a place to live in their own.

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