Hebei total micro loans to achieve entrepreneurial dream workers

now the whole society employment pressure is very large, and there are many workers want to start, but in the process of entrepreneurship to which we have encountered some problems, is the question of money, but now the problem is not to worry about.

"small loan" to activate the difficulties workers entrepreneurial dream

"thank the union implementation of small loan project, so I have a start, my entrepreneurial dream can be realized. I will return to the cause of trade unions and the community’s concern, love!" The day before, a letter of thanks and side embroidered "care workers, professional Edmonton" banner to the Provincial Federation of trade unions.

"precise helping to light the difficulties workers entrepreneurial passion

two Shexian County street village wells town into a garage, far to hear the tinkling sound. "This is the purchase of small loan menlianfang with it, I don’t have to work every day at home." See reporters come over, 31 year old Li Guangjun stopped working in the hands, wiped the sweat on his forehead. His father’s right leg high amputation, in recent years, also suffered from coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases, the mother and daughter-in-law are in the household farming, life is extremely difficult. Never graduated from junior high school to Tianli coal as a top, on the 2 day of rest for 4 days.

for household income, grew up in the monasteries under the carpenter father, in his spare time Li Guangjun had the idea of making cabinet. In 2011, under the guidance of his father, he made a set of their own kitchen, the effect is very good. In 2012, he borrowed 200 yuan to buy cutting machine tools, through a neighbor’s mouth, start the installation cabinet to cabinet customers. "For the first time to customer installation, took a full 3 days to complete, not a bad craft, mainly in the heart of fear, fear of doing bad."   honest Li Guangjun smiled and said, "with the increase in the number of technology, more and more mature, but only by word of mouth after all live less. Many dream of entrepreneurship, but no start-up capital, can only stay in the dream stage."

in the implementation of "spring action union that precise helping poverty alleviation" entrepreneurial small loan project, Li Guangjun came to his consciousness of "noble". "Not to apply to the 50 thousand yuan interest free micro loan, various raw materials can also buy some, even in cooperation with the manufacturers also emboldened enough." Remember to sign, to the bank card at the time, Li Guangjun was still excited, "before the tinkling sound much vexed, now more listen to more like a symphony, is the poverty of the horn. Recommended

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