Chen Xiaochun Entrepreneurial educators.

since ancient times, China is very respected and valued by scholars, China’s education is also a cause for concern. In the era of innovation and entrepreneurship, the knowledge of the education of entrepreneurship is more dominant. Today is an entrepreneurial educator – Chen Xiaochun.

–   speech: my life in entrepreneurship, so advocating entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship will encounter difficulties, or even failure, but learned a lesson, and perseverance, will succeed.

was born in Yuzhong District, the primary school, middle school, University of Chen Xiaochun in Chongqing, is a typical Chongqing zaier. Although the United States has more than 30 years, but the opening is still deep in Chongqing dialect. The day before, in an interview with reporters in Losangeles his office, he said: "I love education, advocating entrepreneurship, willing to contribute to domestic high-tech development of education, Chongqing.

1992, Chen Xiaochun founded the SIAS group company in Losangeles, involved in the hotel, catering, trade and business training etc.. That year, Chen Xiaojian

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