Liangshan nternet plus nternet business and agricultural sparks

live in the "Internet plus" era, the Internet in our life, is everywhere. The use of the Internet to do business, give full play to their own advantages, to a certain extent, can better promote their own development. Popular, "Internet plus" is the "Internet plus various traditional industries", but this is not a simple combination, but the use of information and communication technology and the Internet platform, so that the Internet and traditional industries depth of integration, to create a new ecological development.

is now in the public business, innovation "under the guidance of my state a and a business boom. The Internet plus entrepreneurship is the most representative, especially in traditional agriculture and rural areas has become a good place for young people to display their fists, "Internet plus rural", "Internet plus agriculture" strategy has become a trend. Unlimited potential of the Internet, can quickly narrow the gap between rural and urban information, and the collision and integration of agriculture and the Internet, the industry has gradually begun to bring beyond the imagination of the surprise.

planting base in the western suburbs of Xichang City Xiang grape grower, Yang said, he was to help members expand grape market continuously in the Internet, looking for information, the mode of Agricultural Internet integrated service provider cloud farm in the process, let him have a great interest. He told reporters: "previously considered to open a shop business, agricultural pesticides, seeds, fertilizers, but after some attempts to find that traditional agricultural sales is not suitable for the final agricultural stores did not open up.

exposure to the cloud farm, the feeling of the Internet opened a new world for me. By further understanding, found in the cloud farm can make members homes will be able to buy cheap agricultural and business development, we are very suitable for this area through electronic business platform to buy agricultural materials, through the network or open mobile phone orders may facilitate the purchase, after the next single, delivery, simple and quick, as long as the ground with the clouds on the farm there are".

now, I state in Xichang, Dechang, and Zhaojue, Yuexi, Butuo, Meigu, Muli, Puge, Mianning 11, Ganluo county built the "county e-commerce service center".

initially built in the county level e-commerce service center + Township electricity supplier service providers + crop hospital + rural community integrated service providers + farmers cooperatives, rural e-commerce three service system. As for the transformation and upgrading of agriculture and agricultural industry attention, in-depth development of the Internet, Internet plus agricultural innovation will continue to be excavated, with the agricultural industry supply side reform environment, the starting point of agricultural innovation in emerging Internet more and more, "new opportunities for rural passenger who has become more.

agriculture embrace the "Internet plus" open a new round of economic reform recommended

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