The joint of the five provinces in the Northwest Xining Academy of Social Sciences Zhang Ximing held

  August 12th, five provinces of northwest of China Academy of Social Sciences Association of "strengthening and building a new think tank to promote Tibetan four comprehensive development" seminar held in Xining. Provincial Standing Committee, propaganda minister Zhang Ximing speech.

Zhang Ximing on behalf of the provincial government welcomed the delegates. He pointed out that social science front is the main force of the new think tank construction, plays an irreplaceable role in the theoretical research, theoretical study, theory of propaganda, to make the speech series general secretary Xi Jinping into the new think tank construction and in the "four comprehensive" development, based on the actual, closely around the party and state the deployment, and strive to achieve the transformation and development of new think tank, truly become the construction of ecological civilization and local economic and social development as well as the northwest region of national unity and progress, ideological base, a think-tank, to promote "the four overall layout continuously provide theoretical support and spiritual power and support. Closely around the "four comprehensive" study of economic and social development, national unity and progress and the construction of ecological civilization is facing new changes in the new situation. Overall planning, with the new initiatives to promote the construction of new thinking with Chinese characteristics.  

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