Xining industrial and commercial food safety special rectification

Xining trade and Industry Bureau from May 24th to June 13th to carry out special rectification of food safety action.

the special rectification action outstanding campus, children’s Park, children’s medical field surrounding and the daily life of the general public consumption, holiday consumption dense markets, small supermarkets, food stores and stalls. Focus on and deal with undocumented unlicensed food, operating beyond the scope of license of food, as one of two cards, and uneven distribution of counterfeit, expired moldy food and invoice system is not implemented and other food safety management behavior.

by regulation, will effectively regulate the campus surrounding places such as children’s food management chaos, and resolutely crack down on illegal business of food, to ensure that the children of all ethnic groups and the general public in the two period of food consumption safety and physical and mental health. (author: Yang Xihe)

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