Xining crackdown black car action

In order to improve the quality of the city’s road passenger transport services, and create a good environment for transportation services, a special black car special rectification action started in our city yesterday. April 8th, the reporter followed the law enforcement officers, in-depth inspection of the city’s various black car points.

11 black cars a day checked

day 9 o’clock, yunguanchu, the city traffic police detachment, city traffic security bureau three departments staff set 9 Bingfen Road, the car came to the city are concentrated in the East District of mutual Road, unity, rhyme ieguchi bridge, Nanchuan road and other black car rampant in the area of operations against illegal taxis and other places in the the illegal operation of the social vehicles thoroughly clean. The same day, the three departments in the joint law enforcement process seized the black car 11.

, a passenger traffic police violence against law takes

11, transportation joint staff traffic police and traffic police branch of the police came to Huang Bayi Road in front of a black car at the Southwest Office parking routine inspection, not a registered brand of white car attracted the attention of law enforcement personnel, management staff after inspection found that although the car formalities but there is one situation. Accompanied by a traffic police brigade immediately called, who knows the police confiscated in the driver of the car driver’s license and a temporary license after a female passenger seat, sitting in the car suddenly came tearing up the police, not only that, the passenger is forced from the traffic police pocket recaptured a temporary license to be seized. The reporter then in the Public Street police station to see the female passengers fight police, his vest has been pulled down, the female passenger told reporters, because she is so anxious to go home work so excited tear the traffic police, the case is under further investigation.

crackdown black people applauded

for the municipal government crackdown "black car" determination and attitude, a lot of people to see the newspaper reports and large-scale campaigns after have applauded that the remediation action for the city a city to create a good atmosphere, it is necessary to. Netizen "QQ evening news official in manshanhong" said, to create a civilized city for the city of extraordinary significance, focus on remediation action to carry out the safeguard the vital interests of the people and establish the image of the public transportation in Xining, as he must support. In addition, he also told reporters on micro-blog a few black car operating point, the reporter also informed the relevant departments to investigate. (author: 1)


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