West District, Xining started air pollution control campaign

for the full implementation of the provincial government and the municipal government of Xining City air pollution control requirements, to further improve the air quality of the environment, optimize the urban ecological security, public health, improve the quality of life, in September 2nd, West District held a comprehensive air pollution control action mobilization meeting, comprehensive treatment of the atmospheric environment in 2013 work arrangements in 2014.

According to the requirements of the relevant

treatment plan, West District City built-up area of various types of construction and demolition site to achieve the "five 100%" (the construction site Weidang construction site 100%, 100% road hardening, the demolition of 100% sprinkler, construction site sediment transport vehicles 100% wheel body punching net, airtight transportation, not the development of green space 100% at the same time improve the city or cover); cleaning level, urban roadway mechanized cleaning rate of more than 60%; the completion of natural gas pipe network coverage area west of coal-fired boilers within the scope of the coal gas governance tasks; the region’s designated within the scope of the catering service unit of coal smoke pollution and emission reduction task etc..

According to reports, the Western District of air pollution control is the focus of the specification of the various types of construction site management in the region, to reduce the construction dust, strengthen the waste, garbage and other transport management, reduce road dust emissions by

. Increase the dust control measures are not in place to investigate and deal with the construction unit, to promote the construction and demolition units to actively implement measures to prevent dust pollution. Increase road dust control, all vehicles entering the city must take closed, cleaning and other dust control measures; increase road sweeping and cleaning efforts, reasonable arrangement of road cleaning time, increase road watering dust prevention work, promote sanitation mechanization, reduce two dust pollution caused in the process of sweeping; strengthen the burning pollution control, is strictly prohibited open burning of garbage, garbage collection be closed, timely removal, keeping the city clean. (author: Lu Zhikun)


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