City Commission for Discipline nspection and Supervision Bureau to implement the spirit of the plen

August 5th, the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau held a working meeting to study and implement the spirit of the twelve plenary meeting of the municipal Party committee eleven. Municipal Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Ma Haiying stressed at the meeting, to actively integrate into the municipal Party committee, to ensure the twelve plenary meeting of the eleven session of the implementation of various tasks; active service, to further optimize the soft environment for economic development; to strengthen supervision and rectification of disorder benefit more people.

Ma Haiying at the meeting summed up the first half of the work, the deployment of the second half of the work tasks. He stressed that we should study and implement the general secretary Hu Jintao’s "71" speech and the Party of the twelve plenary meeting of the eleven session of the spirit as the primary political task of the current and future periods to correctly understand and grasp the situation, grasp the overall work, earnestly perform their functions of supervision, strengthen the spirit of the central and provincial and municipal plenary implement the situation, accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, accelerate the reform of water conservancy on the central policy implementation, the market price regulation policy implementation and serious discipline supervision and inspection work, and urge relevant departments to earnestly duties within the scope of the work in a timely manner to solve the existing problems in the implementation, to ensure that government decrees of the discipline inspection and supervision organs; direct or catch lead to the soft environment governance, government investment projects, affordable housing and new The supervision and inspection of rural construction and other livelihood projects, in accordance with the provincial and municipal requirements, in-depth research, scientific analysis and demonstration program of work, the introduction of specific measures to achieve tangible results, a catch in the end.


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